Posted by: j0n3th0m | August 31, 2011

The Winners of #BRC2k11 Are?

The #BRC2k11 contest is officially over. I want to congratulate the winners:

Gold Group winner is Luigi Danakos (@Nerdblurt)

Silver Group winner is Michael Letschin (@mletschin)

I want to thank all the bloggers for taking the time out of their busy schedules to attend the sessions and meet the blogging deadlines. The bloggers are:

Maish Saidel-Keesing (@maishsk)

Philip Sellers (@pbsellers)

David Hurst (@the_super_dave)

Matthew Norwood (@matthewnorwood)

These guys are true rock stars and if you aren’t following them on twitter, or reading their blogs please do so. You will not be disappointed.

I want to give a special thanks to the judges whom gave the bloggers great feedback in helping them grow and become better bloggers. I also want to thank the judges for reading six posts a week and providing great feedback in spite of heavy workloads in their careers. The judges are:

Stu Miniman (@Stu)

Sharon Copeland (@TeckieGirl)

Matt Davis (@da5is)

John Obeto (@johnobeto)

Kristi McDonald (@Krislmc)

Thanks to the sponsors HP and IvyWorldwide for all that you did behind the scenes to ensure the contest went off without a hitch.

A special thank you to the fans that voted on these great blogs.

Thanks to Emulex (@Emulex) and vCommunity (@jtroyer) for all you did in helping me get the word out and increasing visibility.

In closing I hope that all involved had a great time and learned as much as I did. There where some growing pains due to this being THE first contest of its kind. In spite of that, I really appreciate how we all (bloggers, judges and sponsors) came together to ensure the success of the contest.

I also hope that this will not be the last of its kind. This contest did so much for all those involved in that it gave a venue in which you get and give feedback to better yourself. Which, in my opinion, will make us all better in conveying information that ALL of us can benefit and learn from.

Disclaimer: HP and IvyWorldwide sponsored and funded the contest.



  1. […] challenging things since I started blogging.  I have been participating with Thomas Jones’ Bloggers Reality Contest.  We posted our third and final posts of the contest last week and each of us has been patiently […]

  2. Hey Thomas – great to meet and hang out with a great group of bloggers amongst the 25hr/day insanity that was VMworld. Did the video that we did get posted anywhere?

    • Hi Stu – Thanks for all of your help. The Bloggers and myself learned so much from you. @mletschin did give me the video file. I’ll post it very soon.


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