Posted by: j0n3th0m | August 16, 2011

#BRC2k11 Week 2 Results

I’m proud of the Bloggers for getting out of the gate to a very good start. Week 1 was a very close race between all the contestants. This weeks race is VERY close. All of the Bloggers posted really good blogs.

This week the anty was increased due to judge feedback. The Bloggers applied the feedback making it harder for the judges. This is where the fans need to come through for them. We are coming up on the last stretch, and your vote is VERY important.

Without further adue, we are splitting the contest up into two standings they are:

Gold Cup

Maish Saidel-Keesing

Luigi Danakos

Philip Sellers

Silver Cup

David Hurst

Michael Letschin

Matthew Norwood

I want to give a special thanks to Emulex and VMware Community whom are helping me in increasing the visibility with Fans.

Disclaimer: This is a contest that is sponsored by HP and IvyWorldwide. The Bloggers have the freedom to write or vLog there honest opinions.


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