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#BRC2k11 Sponsor, Blogger and Judge Interviews

This is the interview of the #BRC2k11 Sponsors, Bloggers and Judges that was conducted at VMworld 2k11 in Las Vegas. This contest is the first of its kind in the IT industry. It was an awesome time with an awesome group of individuals and companies. Everyone had a blast, see for yourself. Enjoy ūüôā

#BRC2k11 Sponsor, Blogger and Judge Interviews from Thomas Jones on Vimeo.

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The Winners of #BRC2k11 Are?

The #BRC2k11 contest is officially over. I want to congratulate the winners:

Gold Group winner is Luigi Danakos (@Nerdblurt)

Silver Group winner is Michael Letschin (@mletschin)

I want to thank all the bloggers for taking the time out of their busy schedules to attend the sessions and meet the blogging deadlines. The bloggers are:

Maish Saidel-Keesing (@maishsk)

Philip Sellers (@pbsellers)

David Hurst (@the_super_dave)

Matthew Norwood (@matthewnorwood)

These guys are true rock stars and if you aren’t following them on twitter, or reading their blogs please do so. You will not be¬†disappointed.

I want to give a special thanks to the judges whom gave the bloggers great feedback in helping them grow and become better bloggers. I also want to thank the judges for reading six posts a week and providing great feedback in spite of heavy workloads in their careers. The judges are:

Stu Miniman (@Stu)

Sharon Copeland (@TeckieGirl)

Matt Davis (@da5is)

John Obeto (@johnobeto)

Kristi McDonald (@Krislmc)

Thanks to the sponsors HP and IvyWorldwide for all that you did behind the scenes to ensure the contest went off without a hitch.

A special thank you to the fans that voted on these great blogs.

Thanks to Emulex (@Emulex) and vCommunity (@jtroyer) for all you did in helping me get the word out and increasing visibility.

In closing I hope that all involved had a great time and learned as much as I did. There where some growing pains due to this being THE first contest of its kind. In spite of that, I really appreciate how we all (bloggers, judges and sponsors) came together to ensure the success of the contest.

I also hope that this will not be the last of its kind. This contest did so much for all those involved in that it gave a venue in which you get and give feedback to better yourself. Which, in my opinion, will make us all better in conveying information that ALL of us can benefit and learn from.

Disclaimer: HP and IvyWorldwide sponsored and funded the contest.

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#BRC2k11 Week 2 Results

I’m proud of the Bloggers for getting out of the gate to a very good start. Week 1 was a very close race between all the contestants. This weeks race is VERY close. All of the Bloggers posted really good blogs.

This week the anty was increased due to judge feedback. The Bloggers applied the feedback making it harder for the judges. This is where the fans need to come through for them. We are coming up on the last stretch, and your vote is VERY important.

Without further adue, we are splitting the contest up into two standings they are:

Gold Cup

Maish Saidel-Keesing

Luigi Danakos

Philip Sellers

Silver Cup

David Hurst

Michael Letschin

Matthew Norwood

I want to give a special thanks to Emulex and VMware Community whom are helping me in increasing the visibility with Fans.

Disclaimer: This is a contest that is sponsored by HP and IvyWorldwide. The Bloggers have the freedom to write or vLog there honest opinions.

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#BRC2k11 First Round Standings

As you all know the Blogger’s Reality Show Contest ¬†(Twitter Hashtag: #BRC2k11)has officially kicked off. The contestants have created awesome blogs on their first of three session. For those that live under a rock here are the contestants (in no particular order):

Here are the official rankings for week one:

Rank #1 =  Michael Letschin

Rank #2 = Luigi Danakos

Rank #3 = Philip Sellers

Rank #4 = Matthew Norwood

Rank #5 = Maish Saidel-Keesing

Rank #6 = David Hurst

I’m happy to announce, there are¬†no eliminations for week 1. If you don’t see your favorite ranked as high as you’d like. Please, vote Yes on their next post.

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Blogger Reality Show Contestants

The contest has kicked off.¬†Here’s the list of the contestants. Be sure to follow their site to vote/comment on the blogs they have to write for the contest.

Here are the Judges for the contest
John Obeto (Twitter ID: @JohnObeto)  (
Kristi McDonald (Twitter ID: @KRISLMC)
Matt Davis (Twitter ID: @da5is) (
Sharon Copeland (Twitter ID: @TeckieGirl) (
Stu Miniman (Twitter ID: @Stu) (
Here’s what the contestants will be learning/blogging about in the coming weeks:
  • Session 1: Converged Storage
  • Session 2: Flex10, VirtualConnect and IMC
  • Session 3: VirtualSystem, CloudSystem and AppSystem
Disclaimer: HP and Ivy Worldwide are the sponsors for this contest.
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C’mon Down! You are the next contestant…

The contest is currently closed. However, I do have a few slots for women tech bloggers ONLY.

As a kid I watching the Price is Right with Family and Friends. I would be right in the thick of things by yelling out prices that the contestants should use to make their bids. My favorite game is Cliff Hanger, as yes I yodel. I’m sure, like me, you would love to one day go on the show and hear my your name followed by ” C’mon down you are the next contestant on The Price is Right.” Wouldn’t it be awesome to get an opportunity to win some pretty cool prizes and make new friends? Of course it would.

I’m hosting a pretty cool Bloggers Reality Show starting the 1st week of August. I’m looking for 8 contestants whose names will be drawn from a hat. All 8 contestants will be flown to VMworld 2K11 (Conference fee, flight, and hotel will be paid for) where the winner will be announced.

The contest is super fun and easy. All the contestants have to do is¬†blog and vLog (video blogging) on their site. The topics will be based on ~4 virtual classes that you’ll have to attend. The classes (each dealing with different technology disciplines) will be decided on by the judges and myself. This will help Bloggers get out of their comfort zones (mine is Storage) and continue to grow. Once you post your blog (or vLog) voting will be done by your readers and the judges. The¬†weight¬†of the judging is 60% (readers) and 40% (judges).¬†There are four judges (I’ll reveal their names at contest start). All I ask is that you be honest and forthcoming. No vendor bashing or pimping. If you see an issue, present a solution, period.

Last but not least. I want to take a moment to say that I¬†absolutely want women tech bloggers to apply. If you know of a women tech blogger or you are one please get in contact with me. Those of you that listen to my podcast and follow my blog know that I’m 100% behind women in technology.

Now for the prizes…The prizes are pretty cool AND ALL the contestants will get a prize(s) with the winner getting a very nice prize. I’ll reveal the prizes later because I want you to volunteer for the experience and not the gifts ūüėČ

For those of you that are¬†interested¬†please email me at to enter and let’s get the show started.

Disclaimer: HP is one of the sponsors of this event.

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Intel’s Queen of Speed Pauline Nist

There’s no disputing that Shirley Muldowney is a pioneer in the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association). Shirley was the FIRST woman to get a license to race top fuel in the NHRA. As a kid I was (and still is) a fan of Shirley along with John Force and the Bernstiens. Shirley is a trailblazer, in every sense of the word, in the NHRA. In the IT Industry there are a lot of great women. I had the pleasure of meeting a great women and trailblazer while at HPDiscover 2K11, Mrs. Pauline Nist.

Pauline (Twitter ID: @panist) is the GM of Intel’s Data Center Group focusing on Itanium and Xeon product lines. Pauline is contributing author of Intel’s Official Server Room Blog. Pauline is doing some really cool things at Intel. Check out the video as Pauline talks about the cool things she’s doing at Intel and in the community.

Pauline Nist, Director of Intel’s Data Center Group from Thomas Jones on Vimeo.

This weeks very special guest is Stephen Spellicy (Twitter ID: @spellicy). Stephen is the Director of Marketing at Virtensys. Please tune into this very special podcast as Stephen gives great insight into:

  • Transitioning from Engineering to Marketing
  • 1st Job in IT Field (Exclusive)
  • Music/Technology¬†dynamics
  • His influences
  • Virtual I/O
  • Virtensys VIO-4008
  • Life at Berkeley School of Music
  • THE¬†instrument¬†that lead to his love of music
  • His Album (Exclusive)
  • Blogging Externally
  • and much more

You can subscribe to Coffee With Thomas via Stitcher.

You can subscribe to Coffee With Thomas via iTunes.

No iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Palm device. No problem. Link to podcast: Coffee With Thomas Episode 31 – Virtual I/Os Lead Guitar

Disclaimer: The opinions of the guest(s) and host of this podcast are their opinions and not the opinions of their employer(s).

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HP’s Storageworks Division Product Manager Jay Livens

I had the pleasure of speaking with my good Friend Jay Livens (Twitter ID: @JLivens) (again) while at HPDiscover 2K11. Many of you know that I had Jay on my Coffee With Thomas Podcast #14 Guru of Backup and Recovery. Jay is the Product Manager for HP’s Storageworks Division and author of Check out this video as Jay talks about the cool things he’s doing in the Storageworks Division.

HP’s StorageWorks Division Product Manager Jay Livens from Thomas Jones on Vimeo.

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CEO of Logikworx John Obeto

I had the pleasure of meeting my good Friend John Obeto (Twitter IT: @JohnObeto) at HPDiscover 2K11. John is the author of a really cool website called Absolutely Windows. John is also the CEO and CTO of LogikWorx which focuses on managed services, systems integration and security solutions for SMBs. Check out this video as John talks about HPDiscover 2K11.

CEO of LogikWorx John Obeto from Thomas Jones on Vimeo.

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