Posted by: j0n3th0m | July 11, 2011

C’mon Down! You are the next contestant…

The contest is currently closed. However, I do have a few slots for women tech bloggers ONLY.

As a kid I watching the Price is Right with Family and Friends. I would be right in the thick of things by yelling out prices that the contestants should use to make their bids. My favorite game is Cliff Hanger, as yes I yodel. I’m sure, like me, you would love to one day go on the show and hear my your name followed by ” C’mon down you are the next contestant on The Price is Right.” Wouldn’t it be awesome to get an opportunity to win some pretty cool prizes and make new friends? Of course it would.

I’m hosting a pretty cool Bloggers Reality Show starting the 1st week of August. I’m looking for 8 contestants whose names will be drawn from a hat. All 8 contestants will be flown to VMworld 2K11 (Conference fee, flight, and hotel will be paid for) where the winner will be announced.

The contest is super fun and easy. All the contestants have to do is blog and vLog (video blogging) on their site. The topics will be based on ~4 virtual classes that you’ll have to attend. The classes (each dealing with different technology disciplines) will be decided on by the judges and myself. This will help Bloggers get out of their comfort zones (mine is Storage) and continue to grow. Once you post your blog (or vLog) voting will be done by your readers and the judges. The weight of the judging is 60% (readers) and 40% (judges). There are four judges (I’ll reveal their names at contest start). All I ask is that you be honest and forthcoming. No vendor bashing or pimping. If you see an issue, present a solution, period.

Last but not least. I want to take a moment to say that I absolutely want women tech bloggers to apply. If you know of a women tech blogger or you are one please get in contact with me. Those of you that listen to my podcast and follow my blog know that I’m 100% behind women in technology.

Now for the prizes…The prizes are pretty cool AND ALL the contestants will get a prize(s) with the winner getting a very nice prize. I’ll reveal the prizes later because I want you to volunteer for the experience and not the gifts ;-)

For those of you that are interested please email me at to enter and let’s get the show started.

Disclaimer: HP is one of the sponsors of this event.

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  1. I can’t wait to find out who the lucky 8 are. I hope I’m one of them!

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  3. Brilliant Idea. Love it! Scary concept, totally awesome. Would love to get picked. :)

    • Thanks Mark. I’m glad you like the idea. I’ll put your name in the hat. Good luck :-)

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